Meet The Chefs


Catering Since


All it took was two people who fell in love with each other, food and feeding people!

Chef Floyd and Chef Angie began their catering business, “Plum Caterers”, in May 2007 with a dream and a kitchen that offered traditional and authentic cuisine, with an innovative culinary flare. From weddings to parties, they’d done it all - but soon decided they wanted more.

In 2014, they decided to expand their business and add a food truck - “The Plum Pit”- to the Plum family. It wasn’t long after that that they began traveling all over to feed people in the greater Philadelphia area, Delaware County… even all the way to Delaware. Their menu offers crowd pleasing sandwiches like the “Mutha Clucka”, “The Lil’ Chris” and the “Squealer”. As their menu became known, their following continued to grow. With every event the vended in, the lines grew longer and longer, their customers became regulars, but their hunger for more success continued.

In November 2017, they proudly and officially opened their brick and mortar - “The Plum Bistro”, in Aston, PA. The Bistro has not only become an extension of all their hard work, love and passion of food, but offered their friends, family and loyal “Plumers” to have a place to sit and eat the food they’d followed for years and mingle with other hungry (and satisfied) likeminded people.

After an eventful year, they celebrated their first year with the friends, family and loyal “Plumers.”

With many years of success, filling hungry people’s bellies and making new friends along the way—they look forward to creating new recipes and more memories!